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    2019-08-06 10:32:39| 來源:上海銀行招聘網

    1. Any equipment that does not arrive in perfect ______ may be returned to MQZ Electronics free of charge.

    A. development B. condition C. situation D. problem

    2. Drade Technologies has responded _____ to our proposal for its new advertising campaign.

    A. favorable B. favorite C. favoring D. favorably

    3. _______ analysts’ predictions, McKnight Electronic engineers were able to create a battery capable of lasting twice as long as previous models.

    A. Nevertheless B. Contrary to C. Except D. Provided that

    4. Artists at the Zadone Gallery are able to create reproductions of famous paintings that are _____ authentic looking.

    A. remark B. remarkably C. remarkableness D. remarkable

    5. ______ just six months ago, Finson’s Grill has quickly become one of the most popular restaurants in Delton.

    A. Opened B. To open C. Had been opening D. Been opened

    6. Akira Nakayama __________ delay the filming of his documentary in the rainforest when his equipment didn’t arrive on schedule.

    A. has to B. will have to C. had to D. having to

    7. Bus services between Town Center and Newton Housing Estate will be ______ until the motorway is repaired.

    A. discontinued B. suspended C. halted D. ceased

    8. The ______ of new scientific discoveries to agricultural production makes jobs easier to do.

    A. permission B. development C. devotion D. application

    9. He is ______ to be a great writer, but I don’t like his style and his novels.

    A. proposed B. supposed C. opposed D. imposed

    10. His English teacher is always finding fault with him, ______ makes him annoyed.

    A. what B. that C. who D. which

    11. I’ve been writing this report ______ for the last two weeks, but it has to be handed in tomorrow.

    A. finally B. immediately C. occasionally D. certainly

    12. The boy slipped out of the room and headed for the swimming pool without his parents’ ______.

    A. command B. conviction C. consent D. compromise

    13. We regret to inform you that the materials you ordered are ______.

    A. out of work B. out of stock C. out of reach D. out of practice

    14. A university is an educational institution which ______ degrees and carries out research.

    A. rewards B. awards C. grants D. presents

    15. The manager was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers ______.

    A. will leave B. are leaving C. have left D. were leaving

    1.【答案】B。解析:考查名詞辨析。句意:收到的任何有缺陷的設備都可以免費返回給MQZ電子廠商。condition本身表示“狀況,條件”,in perfect condition 完好無損,完美狀態。development發展;situation形勢,處境;problem問題。結合句意,這里指設備的情況,故用condition.。


    3.【答案】B。解析:考查連詞。句意:和分析師的預測相反,McKnight Electronic的工程師能夠制造出一種電池,這種電池的續航時間是之前的兩倍。nevertheless“然而、不過”,為副詞,后面不能跟賓語,排除;contrary to“相反地”,to為介詞,該短語后面跟名詞(短語)或名詞性質的成分;except“除了”,不符合題意;provided that“假如、倘若”,后跟從句,排除。綜合以上分析可知答案應選B。


    5.【答案】A。解析:考查非謂語動詞。句意為:盡管Finson’s Grill六個月之前才開業,但它很快成了德爾塔最受歡迎的餐館之一。句子的前半部分是狀語成分,所以空格處應使用非謂語,故排除C、D。由后面的has become可知發生在過去,B選項不定式表示將來,不合適。A表示被動和完成,符合句意。故選A。

    6.【答案】C。解析:考查動詞時態。句意為:當Akira Nakayama的裝備沒有按時到達時,他不得不延遲在熱帶雨林紀錄片的拍攝。從從句中的did可以看出整個語境是過去時,所以Akira Nakayama推遲他的拍攝也是發生在過去,因此have to也應該用過去時態,故選C。



    9.【答案】B。解析:考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:他是公認的一個偉大的作家,但是我不喜歡他的行文風格。propose建議;打算,計劃;求婚;suppose假設,認為,讓(虛擬語氣),推想,be supposed to do sth應該做某事;oppose反對;impose強加,征稅。根據句意,suppose最合適。



    12.【答案】C。解析:考查名詞詞義辨析。句意:男孩在沒有得到父母允許的情況下溜出屋子去游泳。A. command命令,指揮;B. conviction定罪;說服;C. consent批準,允許;D. compromise妥協。根據語境可知,男孩是沒有得到父母的“批準,允許”,故答案為C。

    13.【答案】B。解析:考查短語辨析。句意:很抱歉地告訴你,你們預訂的材料沒貨了。out of work失業;out of stock沒貨;out of reach夠不著;out of practice缺乏練習。故答案選B。

    14.【答案】B。解析:考查動詞詞義辨析。句意:大學是授予學位和進行研究的教育機構。award sb. sth.授予某人某物,如:They awarded John the first prize.(他們授予約翰一等獎。);reward sb with sth.以某物酬謝某人,須加介詞with;grant同意(給予),答應(請求);present sb. with sth.贈送。故選B。

    15.【答案】D。解析:考查時態。主句用一般過去時,從句要用相應的過去時態。本題中were leaving是進行時表按計劃即將要發生的事情。進行時表將來一般用于move, arrive, leave, come,go等少數幾個表示位置移動的動詞,或begin,start表時間開始的動詞。故答案選D。

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